Art-Dispensing Gachapon: 50 bit figures by Three


Hailing from Fukushima, the art trio Three have created a limited edition set of 50 small-scale sculptures. They were made from cutting up anime figures into pieces, melting them together and then reconstituting them into a cubic structure while preserving the eyes on top.

The 50 works were inserted into capsules and placed inside a gachapon vending machine. Part of the magic is not knowing what you're going to get.


  • Artist: Three
  • Title: "50 bit figure" (limited edition of 50)
  • Includes: sculpture, stand, title and genealogy
  • Dimensions: varies

Meet the Artist

Established in 2009, Three is an artist collective of 3 friends from Fukushima Prefecture all born in 1986. Their works are all collaborative efforts of the trio who are designers, artists and engineer/craftsmen. Their work often incorporates their love for anime and Fukushima, and has been exhibited in galleries around the world, most recently with Now Contemporary Art at Art Miami 2014.

Go on a virtual Studio Visit.

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