Matcha - Home Fragrance Oil


A Quiet Tearoom

This fragrance recalls the image of a quiet tearoom secluded by a dense bamboo forest. In Japanese tea ceremony, several guests sit on tatami mats while a tea master prepares matcha, a special frothy type of green tea. The dry rustling of bamboo stalks on the ceramic bowl adds a sense of peace and serenity to the ceremony. 

Top note: Leafy green
Middle notes: Tea leaf, hot water, bamboo, Jasmine
Base note: Tatami

The intent of this fragrance is to make you feel the warm steam from the kama kettle and the fresh, green aroma of the tea as it is whipped with a whisk, mingled with the scent of the tatami mats.

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    Kitchibe is a brand of fragrances created by Shiono Koryo, an Osaka-based perfumer with over 200 years of history. First established in 1808, the company garnered success by being the first in Japan to produce domestically made citrus essences. For this new initiative, Shiono Koryo collaborated with renowned industrial designer Takumi Shimamura, known as the designer behind Tokyo's Hato Bus and DOCOMO mobile phone terminals.