Seigensha Art Publishing

Big Book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Immerse yourself with your eyes, ears and whole body

The Big Book is precisely that - a children’s story that literally unfolds into a gigantic sheet, revealing a beautiful illustration of images central to the story. The redesigned children’s fairy tale adds another dimension to interactive storytelling, allowing kids to explore a story as if they are inside it.

Fujimoto’s beautiful illustrations are accompanied by text in both Japanese and English. So not only is it great for storytelling, it’s also useful for learning another language!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the classic fairy tale about a girl who falls through a rabbit hole and into a fantasy land. The story comes to life in 3 double-sided pages that feature a total of 6 life-size images. Also included are a set of reusable stickers that children can use to interact with along the way.


  • Designer: Mao Fujimoto
  • Dimensions: 28×28 in (2 pgs); 23×40 (1 pg)
  • Material: Water resistant, durable paper
  • Comes with reusable stickers
  • Bilingual (English and Japanese) story for ages 3+
  • Made in Japan