The Hida Express Furoshiki


The Hida Express is a limited express train that runs from Toyoma to Takayama through the Japanese Alps. On this journey, all sense of time and orientation seemed to disappear as we snaked, sped, crawled, ambled, rocketed and twisted through mountain upon mountain, every turn revealing rushing rivers and glinting waterfalls only momentarily glanced.


  • Designer: Hannah Waldron
  • Dimensions: 90 × 90 cm (35.4 × 35.4")
  • 100% cotton (soft lightweight weave)
  • 2 color silkscreen print
  • Handmade in Japan by Link Collective
  • Item ships separately from Japan. Displayed price includes cost of shipping


Based in Tokyo, Link Collective brings together artists and designers from around the world to create beautiful furoshiki textiles, hand-printed and sewn in Japan by a family business with over 50 years of experience. Go on a virtual tour of their studio.

Link's stylish furoshiki's were designed to be worn as scarfs but they can also be used for their traditional purpose: to wrap things. The Japanese have perfected the art of wrapping furoshiki over 400 years. Elegantly tie anything from books to bottles and make any gift extra special.

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