Tokyo Matcha Tea & Sweets Set


This wonderful tea & sweets gift set comes wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki that can then be used over and over to wrap things, carry belongings or simply for decoration. It's even soft enough to be worn as a scarf. The furoshiki features graphic interpretations of Tokyo in a greenish hue, a nod to the country's culture of tea.

The small wooden gift box is packed with additive-free soy snacks and Japanese tea.


  • Furoshiki
    • design: Hanna Waldron
    • 100% cotton
    • 3 color silkscreen print
  • Gift box
    • 3 types of soy snacks: Matcha, Salty seaweed and Bamboo charcoal flavor
    • 3 types of Japanese tea bags (3 of each): Deep-steamed sencha, Light-steamed sencha, Kuki houji sencha
    • The snacks will stay fresh for 2 months while the tea will stay fresh for 12 months
  • Handmade in Japan by Link Collective
  • Item ships separately from Japan. Displayed price includes cost of shipping


    Based in Tokyo, Link Collective brings together artists and designers from around the world to create beautiful furoshiki textiles, hand-printed and sewn in Japan by a family business with over 50 years of experience. Go on a virtual tour of their studio.

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