Little Red Riding Hood Mobile


An original mobile created by Japanese mobile artist Iro Ken. The kinetic sculpture is inspired by the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. But in this version the young girl is prepared. She packs a pair of scissors just in case she's swallowed up by the big bad wolf and needs to cut herself out.

Handmade by the artist himself, the mobiles are sure to add playfulness and humor to any room.


  • Designer: Iro Ken
  • Size: 14 " x 13.4 " (360 x 340 mm)
  • Materials: paper, thread, caulking ball, stainless steel wire
  • Handmade in Japan


Iro Ken comes from a family of comedians. His parents are a comedian duo and so is his brother. Perhaps that explains why so many of his pieces are imbued with playfulness and humor. Originally an illustrator and manga artist, Iro Ken made the switch to mobiles to quench his urge to animate his creations. In his workshop “SORA mobile factory” he creates handmade, original mobiles, as well more complex, large-scale installations.

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