Wormy Wood Tube Vase


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The true look of natural wood

By repurposing wood that had been eaten by Japan's ambrosia beetle, the Oyama Lumber Company has managed to turn unwanted wood into a series of vases that beautifully accentuate the wormy holes. Although once considered unusable, the wood is in fact the result of an entirely normal cycle of nature that renders each piece of wood unique.

Don’t let its size fool you. The tube vase was hand-turned from a single block of wood using a lathe and carries substantial weight so as to not get knocked over. It comes with a glass beaker that fits snugly inside to hold water. Also available in Bobbin style.


  • Designer: Yoshiki Yamazaki (Block Design)
  • Size: H93 mm x W63 mm (3½ x 2½ inches)
  • Material: Japanese oak, beeswax finish
  • Includes glass beaker for holding water
  • Hand-made in Toyama, Japan

As each vase is made from a unique block of wormy wood, the surface appearance will differ slightly.

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