KARESANSUI - Home Fragrance Oil


The sense collection from Kitchibe is a new type of fragrance that attempts to capture an entire aesthetic into a bottle. 

 Karesansui is inspired by the Japanese Zen rock garden. Translated as "dry landscape," these gardens are intended to express the magnificence of nature  through carefully composed arrangements of rocks and sand that is raked to represent ripples in water. By minimizing and simplifying the elements, the garden  maximizes viewers imagination and serves as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of existence.

Top notes: Yuzu, Grapefruit, Leafy Green
Middle notes: Muguet, Peony, Ozone
Base notes: Amber, Olibanum, Sandalwood, Japanese-Koke 


  • Karesansui fragrance oil (100ml)
  • Choose from grey or yellow diffuser stick



Kitchibe is a brand of fragrances created by Shiono Koryo, an Osaka-based perfumer with over 200 years of history. First established in 1808, the company garnered success by being the first in Japan to produce domestically made citrus essences. For this new initiative, Shiono Koryo collaborated with renowned industrial designer Takumi Shimamura, known as the designer behind Tokyo's Hato Bus and DOCOMO mobile phone terminals.

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