Brass Bottle Openers


Born from molten brass, fire and earth

A collaboration between the 120-year old brass foundry Futagami and product designer Masanori Oji has resulted in an elegant series of brass bottle openers. Each is handmade from solid brass with no pleating or painting.

Brass gradually changes color over the years due to oxidization. The longer these are used the richer and subtler they become.

Inspired by celestial bodies, Eclipse is made with just a hint of polish on either end. It's sand-casted with the company's signature crude casting surface called ihada.

The completely polished Crescent takes inspiration from our ever-glowing moon above our heads.

Frame is, quite simply, just that - a cast outline of a frame. The piece's outer surface is brushed to a satin finish while the inner surface is raw.


Futagami is a brass foundry founded in the city of Takaoka (Toyama Pref) in 1897. Brass has long been used for industrial purposes, favored for its corrosion resistance and moldability. But in collaboration with product designer Oji Masanori, the company has successfully reinvented the material for home use.

Futagami's products will last a lifetime and will slowly change color over time, developing a rich patina. See the Futagami Collection.