Toru Yamashita

Kujira Knives


Small knives for small hands

The Kujira Knives are a series of hand-forged carbon steel knives that mimicthe shape of whales (kujira, in Japanese). While both adorable and sharp at the same time, the knives were originally designed to teach kids how to cut fruits and vegetables, and also sharpen pencils.

While they can certainly be used for both, Kujira Knives are also great for wood-working projects, or even just to give that cheeseboard a touch of playfulness.

Modeled after the gentle giants of the sea, Kujira Knives are hand-made by steel artisans in Tosa (Kochi Prefecture), a region with a history of sword-making that dates back over 700 years. Facing the seas, Tosa is also known for its whale watching, making these gorgeous objects a unique combination of history and our natural surroundings.


  • Blacksmith: Toru Yamashita
  • Material: Steel, black forged finish
  • Dimensions: varies but approx. 6 in long
  • Made in Japan