Mountain Coffee Dripper


The perfect dripper for you (and maybe one more person)

A simple, matt-white ceramic dripper that rests inside a wooden donut-shaped holder. Place it on top of your favorite mug for the perfect cup of coffee. The adorable, upside-down mountain works with both pointed and flat cone filters. And when placed in your cupboard or shelf it resembles a mountain covered in snow.

Peer into the barrel and you’ll discover its secret: 2 grooves and a series of holes. This design helps regulate the flow of water so it sits with the coffee beans for just the right amount of time, brewing coffee that’s strong and rich but not bitter.


  • Designer: Takayuki Nakabayashi (TORCH)
  • Size: ⌀ 90 mm x 70 mm H
  • Material: Mino-yaki porcelain and white ash wood
  • Made in Japan

(gift wrapping add-on available)