Sola Cube Gift Set


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Showcasing the beauty and wonder of nature

3.8 billion years ago life began on earth. And over millions of years, multi-cellular life evolved into land plants and forests. The colors and shapes of flowers, fruits and seeds all have unique purposes and are as beautiful as they are functional.

Intent on showcasing the wonder and beauty of mother nature, Koichi Yoshimura developed a way to exquisitely preserve plants in acrylic cubes. He called them “Sola Cubes.”

Each Sola Cube is handmade by Japanese craftsmen and contain a real plant. The box set includes a wooden display case and the following 3 flowers:

Globe Amaranth: The pink segments that look like flower petals are actually leaves that protect the flowers, which appear as small heads peeking out among the leaves..

Globe Thistle: The globe thistle has thorny flowers, but each of these thistles is a small bud, before the flowers bloom. After the flowers open, the globe thistle is transformed into a soft, fluffy flower.

Strawflower: Native to Australia, Strawflowers are thought to have evolved in such a way as to prevent moisture from being easily lost on that very dry continent.


  • Designer: Koichi Yoshimura
  • Size: 5.2in H x 1.6in W x 1.9in D
  • Material: Agathis wood with brass fittings, acrylic resin, dried plants
  • Made in Japan

(gift wrapping add-on available)

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