Frying Pan JIU Walnut (Small + Medium Set)


From Stove to Table

The Frying Pan JIU is a revolutionary new tool that doubles as a frying pan and a plate. It's made from high quality cast iron and comes with a wooden interlocking handle that hooks onto any side of the dish for cooking and moving, and then unhooks when you sit down to eat.

This set comes with small and medium-sized frying pans. The handle is made from all-natural walnut wood from Yamagata prefecture.

JIU (a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of frying) is made by Fujita Kinzoku, a small Osaka-based company that has been making frying pans for almost 70 years. The team went through numerous iterations of the product before arriving at the perfect design. 

Suitable for open flame and induction cooktops, as well as ovens. It's also great for camping :)


  • Small + Medium Frying Pan
  • Walnut wood handle
  • Designer: TENT (Ryosaku Aoki and Masayuki Haruta)
  • Material: iron, natural wood
  • Made in Japan

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