Japanese Coffee Starter Set


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Everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee – the quintessential engine for every morning. Start it off right with this Japanese coffee starter set designed with both beauty and function in mind.

The set comes with the following three pieces:

  1. Coffee Measure House - an adorable house-shaped coffee scoop that you won't want to put away when you're done. Holding just about 10 grams, it was carved from walnut and birch wood – materials selected for their compatibility with coffee beans.
  2. Mountain Coffee Dripper - a simple, matte-white ceramic dripper that rests inside a wooden donut-shaped holder. Peer into the barrel and you’ll discover its secret: 2 grooves and a series of holes. This design helps regulate the flow of water so it sits with the coffee beans for just the right amount of time
  3. Pitchii Coffee Server - a glass coffee server that looks like a little bird and gets its name from the sound of chirping. The mountain dripper and the bird server work perfectly together.

Each piece is hand-crafted by artisans in the coastal city of Odawara.


  • Designer: Takayuki Nakabayashi (TORCH)
  • Set of 3 pieces (measure, dripper and pitcher)
  • Material: wood, ceramic and glass
  • Packaging design: pomme dessin
  • Made in Japan

(gift wrapping add-on available)

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