Terra Vision Glass Terrarium


Display your roots

There are more to plants than what happens above the surface. The Terra Vision Glass is a mix between a terrarium and a vase that was designed explicitly for cacti and succulents to artfully display their roots.

Although cacti and succulents usually grow in dry soil, they can also be grown hydroponically. In fact, this method allows nutrients to be controlled more precisely, contributing to greater vigor and health for the plant.

The Vision Glass is inspired by the form of laboratory instruments designed for scientific observation. Adding a metallic element is the brass lid, which was hand-hammered into shape, employing a very traditional yet primitive technique called tankin (鍛金).

Simply find a cactus or succulent that matches the size of the terrarium, wash the dirt from its roots and place on it on the brass lid, letting the roots hang down into the water.


  • Designers: Daisuke Tsumanuma / Kenichi Yamada
  • Size: 3 in x 3.2 in (74 x 82 mm)
  • Material: glass, brass
  • Handmade in Japan

    The name Terra (stylized as 1012 ) represents the number one trillion, and is derived from the number of cells produced in a single day. The Terra products were created so that they would mirror the constant changes of life that are full of new discovery.