100 Views of Tokyo


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Following in the footsteps of ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige, Shinji Tsuchimochi spent 3 years illustrating 100 views of Tokyo. Each view is a unique work of art, inspired by ukiyo-e but produced with a modern sense of whimsy and, sometimes, surrealism.

It’s a Tokyo that the Edo painters never knew, but one that is now being commemorated in the form of a book. 100 Views of Tokyo is a full-color, 132 page book that not only includes the original Tokyo illustrations but also 5 views of Osaka. And to top it off, the author has also created 3 original guides that are perfect for exploring the Tokyo neighborhoods of Yanesen, Kanda and Asakusa.

The bilingual book is in English and Japanese, allowing more people to discover all of Tsuchimochi’s views of Tokyo.


  • Illustrator: Shinji Tsuchimochi
  • Size: A5 (6 x 8 in)
  • Includes: 100 views of Tokyo, 5 views of Osaka, original guide maps
  • Full color (132 pages), paperback
  • Printed in Japan by Shikaku Publishing Company

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