Japanese Kyusu Teapot & Furoshiki Tea Set


All You Need for a Cup of Tea

This wonderful tea set comes with the following 3 items:

  1. Japanese kyusu teapotcarefully designed from top to bottom for the perfect cup of tea by Miyazaki Seisakusho, a Niigata-based company that has been making quality tableware for over 60 years. It's sized for one to two people with an adorable rounded shape and texture that takes inspiration from the walls of traditional Japanese tea rooms. The warm natural wood of the knob and handle balance out the design.
  2. Tokyo Furoshiki - inspired by the city that never sleeps, this furoshiki features graphic interpretations of Tokyo like its many skyscrapers, Tokyo Tower and even Mt. Fuji in the background. Handmade in Japan by artisans. Choose from 2 colors: Matcha (a nod to the country's culture of green tea) or Sakura (inspired by the pinkish hue of Japanese cherry blossoms)
  3. Japanese tea bags - three types of Japanese tea bags (3 bags of each): Deep-steamed sencha, Light-steamed sencha and Kuki houji sencha.


  • Teapot dimensions: 150×118×93 mm (6x4.6x3.7 in)
  • Teapot volume: 0.38 L (12.8 oz)
    • Teapot material: grade 18/8 stainless steel, natural wood
    • Item ships separately from Japan. Displayed price includes cost of shipping


      Based in Tokyo, Link Collective brings together artists and designers from around the world to create beautiful furoshiki textiles, hand-printed and sewn in Japan by a family business with over 50 years of experience. Go on a virtual tour of their studio.

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