Cause And Effect: Canvases 1, 2 and 3


Meguru Yamaguchi creates abstract and figurative artworks that are rich in color and gesture. You can think of these canvases as the parents who gave birth to the series of iPhone 6 cases that Yamaguchi also created for us.

Splattering paint onto the canvas, Yamaguchi hand-swiped each phone case to create the wild motion seen in these works.


  • Artist: Meguru Yamaguchi
  • Title: Cause And Effect 1, 2 and 3
  • Material: Acrylic and epoxy resin on wood panel
  • Dimensions: varies

Meet the artist

Meguru YAMAGUCHI (b. 1980) Yamaguchi grew up in the epicenter of Tokyo street culture and currently works in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up with his parents who are both fashion designers, he was continuously fed a healthy dosage of arts and influenced by various art works such as Ukiyo-e and impressionist paintings. Using what he calls a “cut-and-paste” technique, Yamaguchi samples elements of painting, collage acrylics and spray paint to create works “reminiscent of Hip-Hop samplings from the 70s.”

This technique also comes from the characteristic of his hometown Tokyo, which is like a melting pot of imported cultures that influence each other and create something new by mingling together.

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