Cotte Mini Hand Cream


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Miniature individual hand creams that are perfect for carrying around in bags or leaving on your desk. The cream is enriched with 10% Japanese sake, whose natural amino acids and fermentation work together to moisten and retain moisture.

The rich texture spreads nicely and leaves your skin feeling luscious but not sticky. 


  • All-natural amino-based products
  • Enriched with the finest grade sake and shea butter
  • Available in different colored packaging (10 g each)
  • Made in Japan by the Hakkaisan Sake Brewery
  • Full list of ingredients (PDF)

About Cotte

In Japan it’s been known for many years that sake brewers, despite their manual labor, have skin that’s soft and moist. That’s because the amino acids in the fermentation and brewery process have natural cleansing properties and are known to moisturize by enhancing water retention.

The Hakkaisan Brewery in northern Japan has harnessed their knowledge of fermentation and brewery to create Cotte, a unique brand of skincare products that are infused with the same carefully-selected ingredients that go into their world-renown sake.

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