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Forest Tippe Top


A forest of tops

These Japanese tippe tops, when spun at high velocity, are designed to shift their center of gravity so that the stem slowly tilts downward until it suddenly inverts itself and spins on its narrow stem. Designed by artist Yasuhiro Suzuki, the set of 3 adorable tops are painted in 3 shades of green. When all 3 are spun and successfully inverted they spin on their stems to mimic a small forest of trees blowing in the wind.

It’s the perfect toy to keep children and adults occupied. And they look beautiful even when not in use: a wooden base holds them up like a small forest to be displayed anywhere. Although they’re made from all-natural materials, the small tops can be a choking hazard so keep away from infants and small children.

The Forest Tippe Tops are handmade in Japan from 3 different types of wood, and are produced by more trees, a conservation organization dedicated to sustainable forestry and wood use.


  • Designer: Yasuhiro Suzuki
  • Set of 3 tops
  • Materials: maple (top), dogwood (stem), hinoki cypress (base)
  • Made in Japan