Banshu Hamono

Koryu Flower Scissors


Blades Infused with a 270-Year Old Tradition

In 1744, Banshu Hamono entered the blacksmith industry with the forging of a single katana. But as more peaceful times settled in and modernization took hold, the swordsmiths aimed their craft at more delicate pursuits. Since then, the company has developed a line of superior blades, made in the same tradition but for more utilitarian purposes.

The company’s pruning shears and floral shears have been time-tested and used for generations by bonsai keepers and ikebana artists. The shears are traditionally made in two styles: koryu and ikenobo.

Koryu shears are characterized by their large, circular handles, designed to fit comfortably in the hand. Their blades have been engineered so that the fibers of the plant remain intact when the blades slice through them, allowing for greater absorption of water and longer life. Koryu translates to “old style” and is a reference to the pre-Meiji restoration.

Koryu shears have traditionally been used for bonsai pruning, but are perfect for any type of gardening.


  • Koryu flower scissors
  • Size: 6.5 in long (165 mm)
  • Material: Steel
  • Gift boxed
  • Handmade in Japan