nanigashi glass candle holder


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The nanigashi candle holders is hand-blown by a glass artist in Toyama Prefecture. The striped glass casts radial beams of light around the holder like a kaleidoscope, offering a magical yet intimate presence. The glass hood protects the candle from air currents, creating a stable source of subtle light.

The base is comprised of dense natural wood and a reversible brass metal stand. One side is flat, for candles with a wider base, while the other side has a needle to support smaller, narrow candles.


  • nanigashi candle stand
  • Designer: Yoshiki Yamazaki
  • Size: 4.3 x 7.5 in (108 x 190 mm)
  • Material: Blown glass, Brass, Japanese Oak
  • Handmade in Japan

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About nanigashi


nanigashi is a brand of living tools created by designer Yoshiki Yamazaki in collaboration with handicraft makers from all over Japan. The word nanigashi implies a limitation in quantity, meaning the products can't be mass-produced. But unswayed by this limitation, the makers strive to create sustainable tools that we can cherish and use for many years to come. 

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