Shibuya Center-Gai


Farewell My Tokyo are a series of framed artistic images created by designer Megumi Takami, who wanted to memorialize the essence of Tokyo for anyone who wants to keep a reminder of its colorful street signs, cozy neighborhoods, town landscapes, modern architectures and cultural landmarks.

Each image is made from a unique Japanese paper known as pachika, developed by paper company Takeo. The characteristics of the paper are such that when heated, the surface turns transparent. Takami works with a small group of skilled craftsmen who utilize a heat press to create each embossed image by hand. Pigment is then applied to emphasize certain areas of each print.

NOTE: With the purchase of this print, you can also order Tokyo Stickers.

Shibuya Center-Gai

Center-gai is a lively street in Shibuya that is accessed directly from the famous Scramble Crossing area. The street is packed with karaoke joints, restaurants, and clothing shops and is a popular gathering spot for Japanese youth. In 2011 its name was changed to Basketball Street in an attempt to whitewash its delinquent image but for many of us it will always be Center-gai.


  • Designer: Megumi Takami (Ciaolink)
  • Picture Size / 8.3 in x 5.8 in (210mm x 148mm)
  • Frame Size / 15 in x 11.8 in (380mm x 300mm)
  • Materials: Pachika paper, pigment, wood, glass
  • Frame included
  • Item ships separately from Japan. Displayed price includes cost of shipping.

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