Swiped Paint iPhone 6 Cases

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Meguru Yamaguchi creates abstract and figurative artworks that are rich in color and gesture. In an action-based technique that Yamaguchi employs, he splatters paint along a canvas spread out on the floor. Then, taking a large, squeegee-like device, he creates a massive, continuous swipe that reveals colors and patterns he very well may never achieve again.

Using a similar technique, Yamaguchi created a series of iPhone 6 cases that are painted and sealed with resin. The minimal yet durable case will make it look like he painted right onto your phone. It’s an iPhone case but also a standalone work of art.


  • Artist: Meguru Yamaguchi
  • Title: iPhone 6 and 6s case (2015)
  • Limited edition of 20
  • Material: iPhone 6 case, acrylic, epoxy resin
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 1.1 x 5.8 inches
  • Case is made from durable plastic; front raised edges for screen protection

Meet the artist

Meguru YAMAGUCHI (b. 1980) Yamaguchi grew up in the epicenter of Tokyo street culture and currently works in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up with his parents who are both fashion designers, he was continuously fed a healthy dosage of arts and influenced by various art works such as Ukiyo-e and impressionist paintings. Using what he calls a “cut-and-paste” technique, Yamaguchi samples elements of painting, collage acrylics and spray paint to create works “reminiscent of Hip-Hop samplings from the 70s.”

This technique also comes from the characteristic of his hometown Tokyo, which is like a melting pot of imported cultures that influence each other and create something new by mingling together.

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