Katsuhisa Toda

Tsugite Joint Chopsticks (Aritsugi)


Inspired by Japanese Joinery

Japanese wood joinery dates back to the seventh century and is a craftsmanship technique that involves complicated, interlocking wooden joints that form bonds without the use of nails, screws or adhesives.

The Tsugite Joint Chopsticks employ tsugite joints, a technique traditionally reserved for Buddhist altars, bureaus, and other furniture. The chopsticks are a result of a collaboration between Katsuhisa Toda, a traditional carpenter in Shizuoka, Japan, and product designer Yuma Kano. 

This particular joint is known as aritsugi (蟻継), or dovetail joint. Each pair of chopsticks come in a cutom-designed gift box decorated with illustrations of Japanese joinery techniques. 


  • One pair of tsugite chopsticks
  • Craftsman: Katsuhisa Toda
  • Designer: Yuma Kano
  • Available in Black (rosewood and maple) or Brown (narra and birch) 
  • Gift box included
  • Handmade in Japan