Waltz Cup & Saucer


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A cup and saucer that dance together like a match made in heaven.

A reflective palladium surface on the cups enable this magic. The vivid colors on the saucer are reflected off the cup, producing the illusion that the cup too bears the same pattern. But when the cup is lifted off the saucer its true colors are revealed.

Made from Hasami porcelain, a specialty from the Hakata region, each cup is handmade by skilled artisans who ensure that the surfaces are completely even. After all, even the slightest scratch would create distortions throughout the reflection.


  • Designer: D-Bros
  • Dimensions: Cup φ 93×H 65 mm | Saucer φ 185×H 24 mm
  • Material: Hasami porcelain, palladium coating
  • Set of cup & saucer
  • Made in Japan



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