Wasanbon Skull-Shaped Japanese Sugar


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Sweet & Scary

These black and white sugar skulls are made from Wasanbon (和三盆), a fine-grained premium Japanese sugar, traditionally made in the Shikoku prefectures of Tokushima and Kagawa.

They were designed by artist Nobumasa Takahashi and come in 18 pieces of black and white (9 each). The black sugar is made all naturally from bamboo charcoal and can be used just like regular sugar. Perfect for a Halloween party, or for just sweetening your tea or coffee when you’re in a ghoulish mood.


  • Designer: Nobumasa Takahashi
  • Size: W 100 × H 38 × D 120 mm (box ); φ 15mm (sugar)
  • Ingredients: Wasanbon premium suger, bamboo charcoal
  • White 9pc, black 9pc
  • Made in Japan

(gift wrapping add-on available)

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