Washi Torch Pendant Lamp

$75.00 $140.00

Washi Torch is an easy-to-install pendant lamp shaped like a flashlight. It’s made with traditional washi paper and produced by artisans in the Mino region of Gifu, Japan, the birthplace of paper lanterns that’s steeped in 1300 years of craft history.

It’s cute, recognizable design makes for the perfect combination of craft + contemporary. It comes with everything you need (even the lightbulb) packaged in a gorgeous, presentable box.


  • Designer: Yuruliku (Koushi Ikegami and Kinue Oneda)
  • Size: diameter 100 cm x height 27 cm
  • Material: washi paper
  • Includes shade, cord (108 cm), 40 watt LED light bulb, cord hanger, ceiling cover, assembly instructions. The bulb can easily be replaced with any E17 bulb.
  • Handmade in Japan by Hayashi Kogei. (read more)

(gift wrapping add-on available)

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