Papa's Maze


While going through her papa's old belongings, a young girl discovered something incredible - a mind-bogglingly intricate maze that her father had drawn by hand 30 years ago.

While working as a school janitor, the father would come home each night and work on his side project. He spent over 7 years producing what is perhaps the most complicated, intricate maze. Once he was done he rolled it up and stored it away in his attic for it to be forgotten about... until now.

When the daughter discovered the maze she was dumbfounded. She posted pictures to twitter exclaiming, in confusion, "why couldn't he have channeled his talents to something more useful?"

Useful or not, the internet exploded with questions about the maze and the creator. So together, the two managed to create replicas of the print, which is now finally available!


  • Designer: K. Nomura (野村一雄)
  • Dimensions: 34" x 24" (unframed)
  • Printed in Japan
  • Papas Maze 2.0 now also available

Meet the artist: Preferring to remain somewhat anonymous, we know the artist only by the name K. Nomura. He currently resides in Japan and works as a public university janitor. Over thirty years ago he began working on a project that would encompass seven years of his life: an incredibly intricate maze. It was completed in 1983, at which point the artist stored it away in his attic. It was discovered last year in 2013 by his daughter. Read the original account of the story here.

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