Commitment to Sustainability

As an online retailer, we're aware of the impact our activities have on the environment. The distribution, packaging and returns of online goods is a major contributor to carbon emissions and for this reason we believe that making online shopping more sustainable is paramount, not only for our business but for the betterment of our planet. Here are some of the things we do to help make our business more sustainable.

Product Selection

At the Spoon & Tamago Shop, every product we decide to carry undergoes a vetting process that takes into consideration not only the aesthetic and functional qualities but also the manufacturing process and chemical composition of each item. More often than not, that means we're selecting high-quality, environmentally-friendly products that age wonderfully over time and can be used for years and decades to come. In the long run, that translates to less replacements and less buying, which we think is a good thing. 

Shipping and Packaging Practices

We have several policies in place to make our shipping process more sustainable. It's one of the easiest ways to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Use recycled boxes and packaging material
  • Ship in bulk whenever possible
  • Use public transit to access courier pick-up sites
  • Discourage returns by offering high-quality products that won't disappoint

Business Practices

Being sustainable isn’t just about our customer-facing products and policies. It’s also about how we run our business. Below are some of the things we do internally, largely because we just believe it's the right thing to do:

  • Robust recycling policy
  • Investing in low-energy lighting
  • Unplugging equipment when not in use
  • Utilizing recycled office supplies
  • In-office composting