About Us


We think of our shop as an extension of the Spoon & Tamago blog where we share our insights into the rich history of Japanese art and design, and how it manifests itself in the contemporary world. From our deep and vast universe of ideas we've selected our very favorites that we think exemplify the aesthetic and sensitivity of Japanese design.



Spoon & Tamago offers a curated selection of some of the best in contemporary Japanese design.

We test every product we carry. But we also travel to Japan and meet with each and every designer or company who creates the products we carry. Why? Because we believe, even in our digital world, that it's important to know who is making the things we use.


Everything in our shop comes from Japan, except the “Artist Series,” a unique collection of art products carefully created by Japanese artists living in New York and around the world. This special collection is a collaboration between Spoon & Tamago and the artist, and isn’t available anywhere else.

Papa's Maze by Kazuo Nomura Tetsu to Kinu Scarf by Miya Ando