Sakae Industries

Uenosuke Shitanosuke Smoke


Drink more water, less of everything else

Uenosuke Shitanosuke are a set of 2 tumblers inspired by the humble act of drinking water. Made from high-grade, durable tritan and hand-polished to perfection so they shine like glass, Uenosuke (the older sibling) fits snugly over Shitanosuke (the younger sibling) like a capsule keeping the rim clean and the water fresh. 

Of course the infinitely versatile tumblers can be used for just about anything. At work or at bedside, as a lidded glass or personal carafe. Take them outdoors and use it as a glass for two. Use it with a tea bag or muddler on one side or use them as a vessel for your favorite snack and beverage. 


  • Uenosuke Shitanosuke: Amber
  • Designer: Tent Design & Zariganiworks
  • Material: tritan
  • Dimensions
    • Small: 170ml & 200ml
    • Large: 305ml & 370ml
  • Made by Sakae Industries in Japan