Ko Design Concept

STIIK Chopsticks


STIIK are a contemporary interpretation of the chopsticks, designed to align with modern cutlery like the knife, fork and spoon. Made from Japanese bamboo, the elegant chopsticks are highly durable despite their small diameter and pair well with any type of cuisine.

At 26 cm (10 in) the STIIK chopsticks are slightly longer than traditional sizes. And there's a reason behind it. Did you know that over the last 150 years our average height has increased approximately 10 cm (4 in)? And the tools we use have grown too. Yet the size of chopsticks haven't changed in the last 300 years. STIIK has been designed to perfectly balance size and usability. Also available in kid's sizes.

The unique packaging design also sets these chopsticks apart from their peers. Chopsticks are typically sold in pairs but STIIK comes with 2 pairs, yet only one chopstick is revealed while the other three remain concealed. 


  • set of 2 chopsticks (4 total)
  • Product length: 10 in (26 cm)
  • Natural Japanese bamboo
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan