Awaglass: an hourglass filled with bubbles


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Watch time bubble away

Designer Norihiko Terayama has given birth to en entirely new kind of hourglass: the awaglass. Awa means 'bubbles' in Japanese, and it's what replaces sand to create this mesmerizing and soothing object.

But don't try and measure time. It's purpose is actually the opposite: to obscure and help you forget about time. Unlike uniformly shaped sand, large bubbles and small bubbles pass upwards at different speeds. You'll get lost in this piece's simple, poetic beauty. 


  • Designer: Norihiko Terayama (Studio Note)
  • Size: small H90mm (3.5 in.)  | large H150mm (6 in.)
  • Material: glass, water, bubbles
  • Self-standing (no base needed)
  • Hand-blown in Japan

(gift wrapping add-on available)

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