Kenji Toma

The Most Beautiful Flowers


190 years since the French artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté published his seminal work Choix des plus belles fleurs (The most beautiful flowers), Japanese photographer Kenij Toma has created a hyper-realistic tribute to the most well-known botanical encyclopedia.

To create the photographs, Toma utilized a process called focus-bracket shooting, which resulted in hyper-realistic images akin to traditional Japanese botanical paintings: brightly saturated and flattened images made for aesthetic enjoyment rather than for the scientific observations.

Through hyper-realism, Toma has captured the idealized beauty of 88 specimens, creating a work that is highly contemporary, yet in harmony with a rich Japanese history and tradition.


  • Photographer: Kenji Toma
  • Hardcover with title shield
  • 196 pages, 87 color photographs
  • 12.4 x 9.8 x 0.9 inches, English

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