Rice Bran Block Candle (medium)


This is a plant-based candle made from 100% Japanese rice bran wax.  Rice bran wax is harder than other waxes conventionally used for candles. And because they're virtually free of contaminants, the candles burn for longer with almost no smoke or drippage.

Unlike typical candles that are made from hydrocarbons (or fossil fuels), these are environmentally friendly and perfect for indoor use. View the entire DAIYO candle collection here.


  • 1 rice bran candle
  • Size: 3 x 4.1 in (75 x 105 mm)
  • Material: rice bran wax, cotton
  • Burn time: 96 hours
  • Made in Japan



Founded in 1914, Daiyo is a 4th generation family business of candlemakers who are based in Shiga prefecture, Japan. There are 2 types of fires, says the company: Hinoe and Hinoto. Hinoe, the elder brother fire, and Hinoto, the younger brother fire, live without hierarchy but in a Yin-Yang relationship. The elder brother fire is like the flame of a burning sun. It is wild and must be handled with care. The younger brother fire is much smaller, and can be handled with our hands. Fire has been with mankind for longer than history and have offered comfort in many shapes and forms.

"To light a candle is to share the stories in our lives and to establish new relationships." - DAIYO