HOLIDAY - Colored Pencils

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Fun to use, and to sharpen

A set of 3 pencils that are shaped and colored like holiday ornaments from the natural world: a snowflake, holly and poinsettia. Their impressive, holiday-colored shavings can be used to decorate your cars or create wintry motifs.

Made at an environmentally-conscious factory in Japan, the pencils are manufactured from a process that eliminates resource waste. The exterior that forms the shape of the snowflake is made from recycled paper, which also makes them soft and easy to sharpen. And a high quality color core completes the pencil.


  • Designer: Toshihiro Otomo
  • Dimensions: w40 x h180 x d35 mm
  • Material: Recycled paper, Polypropylene, pigment, wax
  • Set of 3 colored pencils (includes sharpener)
  • Made in Japan