Kito: Aizawa Wood Work

KITO Flowering Quince Tray


Let There Be Wood

Crafted from a chestnut tree, these wooden trays were handmade in the Japanese region of Wajima (Ishikawa prefecture), which is famous for their woodwork. The brand is called KITO (木と) which means "with wood" in Japanese and conveys a longing for 

With a form inspired by the flowering quince, each tray is finished with a non-toxic liquid glass coating which makes them easy to clean while also preserving the texture of the wood. 

The trays come in 3 sizes with the largest being the most-suitable for serving tableware while the medium is perfect for a cup of coffee or a snack. The small tray can be used for serving a light hors d'oeuvres or highlighting a decorative object. However you decide to use them, the trays are certain to make the moment a bit more special. 


  • KITO Flowering Quince Tray
  • Designer: Masanori Oji
  • Dimensions
    • Small: 8 x 5 in (210×136 mm)
    • Medium: 12 x 7 in (300×190 mm)
    • Large: 14 x 9 in (360×230 mm)
  • Material: chestnut, liquid glass coating
  • Made in Japan