M Scoop

Glasses Place


The Perfect Place for Possessions

Crafted from a single block of natural wood, and inspired by the tapered form of tree leaves, this stylish stand is the perfect resting spot for your glasses. 

Sourcing local wood from the forests of Saga prefecture, each piece is made from a single block of wood and individually hand-crafted by artisans at Mimatsu Craft, a studio surrounded by the prefecture's lush nature. 

The tapered form allows the bridge and nosepads of any type of eyewear to rest gently on wood and away from anything that might scratch them. 


  • Size: W45xD45xH104mm
  • Material: Walnut, Cherry, Maple with Earth Beige
  • Handmade in Japan


Based in Saga Prefecture, Mimatsu Craft partners with designers to create sustainable wooden products that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality. The wooden glasses stand is part of their M. Scoop collection, which was born from a desire to create intentional places for our many posessions.