Sun Brass Trivet


Born from molten brass, fire and earth

A collaboration between the 120-year old brass foundry Futagami and product designer Masanori Oji has resulted in an elegant series of brass trivets. The collection is inspired by the objects in our solar system. Each is unique in its own way and designed with ease and usability in mind. They're handmade from solid brass with no pleating or painting.

Brass gradually changes color over the years due to oxidization. The longer these are used the richer and subtler they become.

Aside from its form, the rough, unfinished surface reminds one of the craters of the moon.

Compact and easy to use, the star sparkles on any table.

The galaxy unsurprisingly has the largest of diameters but is lighter than it appears. Perfect for large pots or pans.

The brightest one. The radial ridges reflect light but also create beautiful shadows.


Futagami is a brass foundry founded in the city of Takaoka (Toyama Pref) in 1897. Brass has long been used for industrial purposes, favored for its corrosion resistance and moldability. But in collaboration with product designer Oji Masanori, the company has successfully reinvented the material for home use.

Futagami's products will last a lifetime and will slowly change color over time, developing a rich patina. See the Futagami Collection.