Tomomi Kamoshita

Pink Hanabishi Plate


A pink hanabishi plate handmade by Tokyo-based ceramic artist Tomomi Kamoshita. Hanabishi (花菱) is a rhomboidal shape that originates from the arrangement of four hishi (water chestnut) leaves as petals into a flower.


  • Handmade in Japan by Tomomi Kamoshita
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 cm
  • Material: Glazed ceramics
  • Availability: 2 available (sold individually)


Born in Tokyo in 1977, Tomomi Kamoshita is both a potter and a ceramics teacher. She graduated from Joshibi University in 2000 and has been a practicing artist for over two decades. She integrates the traditional technique of kintsugi into her work, as well as yobitsugi, her own style of inventing objects from broken ceramic pieces in an artful mosaic.