Susumuya Dobin Teapot

$195.00 $250.00

Beauty & Functionality in a Single Teapot

Beauty and functionality, porcelain and brass come together in this teapot. It's long, sculptural brass handle allows for it to be poured from the side, placing less stress on the wrist. The handle also rotates, or can even be removed, for easy storage. And with it's large capacity, the Dobin Teapot is all you need for tea time. 

The combination of porcelain and brass, both elements that age beautifully, ensure that this teapot will a permanent fixture in your household. The porcelain is made by Jicon while the brass handle is made by Futagami


  • Designer: Oji Masanori
  • Dimensions: W198×d123×h199 mm (7.8x4.8x7.8 in)
  • Volume: 900 ml (12.8 oz)
  • Material: porcelain, brass
  • Made in Japan


    Founded over 100 years ago in Japan's Kagoshima prefecture, Susumuya specializes in distinct, single origin tea leaves and original blends. The shop’s original, simple and beautiful tea utensils maximize tea flavor and are designed to last a lifetime.