Tears Necklace


Delicate glass jewelry, made by glass coffeeware artisans

A necklace that dangle from your neck like glistening beads of water.

Each piece of jewelry is carefully handmade by artisans in Japan. Elegant and graceful, the pieces are also highly durable because the artisans specialize in heat-resistant glass.


  • Glass size Φ8×13 (mm)
  • Chain length 450 (mm)
  • Brass gold plated chain (with silicone rubber catch)
  • Handmade in Japan


Hario Lampwork Factory was established by Hario, the globally recognized Japanese glassmaker originally established in 1921. Recognizing that the craft of glassmaking was quickly being replaced by industrial machines, in 2013 Hario established a jewelry studio as an outlet for their artisans to hone their skills but also to create a structure that ensures that the art of glassmaking is passed down to the next generation.