Brass Jizaikagi Decorative Hook with Brass Flower Spoon Vase


This decorative brass hook is inspired by the jizaikagi. An architectural element of every traditional Japanese home, jizakagi are adjustable hooks suspended from ceiling beams over an open fire to support a hanging kettle.

This jizaikagi can only support lightweight decorations like flowers but you can have fun with its 150 mm (6 in) expansion and contraction mechanism. The flower holder in the 1st picture is included

Elegantly hand-crafted from brass, the jizaikagi will age beautifully over time. 


  • Brass decorative jizaikagi hook
  • Designer: WATO
  • Dimensions: 430 - 580 mm (17 - 23 in)
  • Material: Brass
  • Handmade in Kamakura


WATO is the design label of duo Kasumi Ogasawara (metal hammering artist / designer) and Satoshi Saito (product designer / artist). Out of their studio in the quaint neighborhood of Kamakura, the two create unique and original metal tools and objects intended to seamlessly become a part of your home.